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Unfolding Argyll's Archaeological Story - Research Framework Symposium

During two days in November, over 10,000 years of Argyll's past from the Palaeolithic right through to the Early Modern periods was championed and discussed by a host of professional historians and archaeologists

Each day saw around 70 delegates, who looked at where more attention was required in order to understand how our ancestors and the previous occupants of Argyll lived and worked. Those attending the event have said that they found it to be insightful and inspiring and that they enjoyed the opportunity to converse with distinguished professionals who were all so excited and enthusiastic about Argyll's past.



Kildonan Dun – An Iron Age project with Drumlemble and Carradale Primary Schools - April to May 2015

Two Kintyre Primary schools have been working hard in partnership with the Education Team from Campbeltown and Kilmartin Museum in an exciting, interactive history project, designed to inspire a new audience for Campbeltown museum.

The schoolchildren were introduced to the Museum’s collection through their own interpretation and presentation of life in the Iron Age and Medieval periods. A creative and colourful exhibition was created by the pupils of the primary schools and all their hard work is now on display at Campbeltown Museum for the general public to view. Jewellery, stunning photography and a hand crafted landscape model of Kildonan Dun are amongst many of the things that were created by the children. The enthusiasm from all the children and staff involved has been extremely inspiring to both Campbeltown and Kilmartin Museum.


Carnasserie Roddy's talk

Evening talk with Museum archaeologist Roddy Reagan - 16th February 2015

Roddy gave an illustrated talk on the recent survey and excavation work at Carnassarie Farm to an appreciative audience on a cold Monday night in February.

He detailed the discovery of a complex tapestry of archaeology which suggests that this area could have been inhabited continually from Neolithic times through to 19th century townships. Roddy discussed how these findings could add to our knowledge of Kilmartin Glen and how it has been used by people through the ages.

To examine this further, Roddy will be leading archaeological excavations at these sites. This will involve exciting volunteer opportunities to help with our investigations and form part of the Museum's Archaeology Festival 'Dig it' during June this year. Further details will be available soon.


Solar Dyeing Workshop

Solar Dyeing Workshop - October 26th 2014

Due to the success of last year's workshop, a second workshop was arranged which was just as popular.

The Solar method of Dyeing is a really simple technique that uses basic equipment, native plants and solar energy to dye fibres in a jar. The workshop involved a visit to the Moine Mhor Nature Reserve to obtain native plant samples



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