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Monday, December 12th, 2016

Kilmartin Museum launched the fundraising appeal for the Redevelopment Project in October with an evening reception at Kilmartin Museum.

The Redevelopment Team at Kilmartin Museum has been working hard on the project and we are confident that £5.1 million of the £6.7 million project cost will be forthcoming leaving £1.6 million to raise.

It was announced that to support the appeal, an imaginative display of inscribed bronze plaques will be installed in the new Museum reception. Some of the plaques will represent Kilmartin Glen’s most important monuments. These have proven to be popular and many plaques have already been reserved by generous donors.  For more information, please see our fundraising page.

Bar None Community Choir started the evening with a fantastic performance, and this was followed by presentations from Trustee Chair Gordon Gray Stephens and Museum Director and Curator Dr Sharon Webb.

Those attending were also treated to the first ever exhibition of Britain’s oldest Beaker Pottery. The beakers were excavated in Kilmartin Glen and despite being part of Kilmartin Museum’s own collection, they cannot be displayed in the current Museum exhibition.  The Redevelopment Project will provide much needed space and improved facilities so that these treasures can be enjoyed by everyone.

During her presentation, Sharon highlighted that the presence of these beakers in Kilmartin Glen asks tantalising questions about whether Kilmartin Glen could be first place in Britain that metal work was introduced?

Bronze Age Beaker c4500 years old

Bronze Age Beaker Pot c4500 years old

Archaeologist Roddy Regan was part of the team who discovered and excavated the beakers and was kept busy all evening answering lots of questions about these amazing artefacts.  Guests at the event were also treated to an after-hours visit to the current museum exhibition, with Education and Outreach Officer Madeleine Conn.

We were thankful for a clear and dry (if not cold!) evening as the Glebe Cairn, a bronze age burial site which can be seen from the museum, was illuminated to spectacular effect.

Kilmartin Museum Cafe with the Glebe Cairn lit in the background

Kilmartin Museum Cafe with the Glebe Cairn lit in the background










Kilmartin Glen has some amazing stories to be told and we need your help to tell them.  Your donation will help us create a place that will allow everyone to celebrate the magic of Kilmartin Glen’s unique natural and archaeological heritage.  Please go to our donation page and join us on this adventure.

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